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Managing an agricultural site isn’t for everyone. We’re interested in forging partnerships with owners who are looking for a full-site management service. As part of the E.C. Drummond group, we bring a wealth of expertise and farming heritage to every partnership. We can manage all aspects of day-to-day operation including maintenance and compliance so you can focus on other things.

We’ve seen many farms sold for parts as a result of unwanted inheritances or elderly farm owners being unable to keep up with the demands. If you are unable or unwilling to manage the day-to-day operations of your poultry farm, we can help.

Our director Sam Drummond is also responsible for the running of 24 poultry farms. By partnering with Coverhill, we can help you keep your farm in the family and continue to see a return on your family investment.


Full-site management for peace of mind

We offer a bespoke service that will help you to make the most of your land and heritage. We ensure that all aspects of running your poultry farm are met. This means that we will observe all industry regulations, maintain a safe working environment and be responsible for the upkeep of buildings.

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Trust our farming heritage

Working with Coverhill is not like hiring a poultry farm manager. We go above and beyond to operate your farm like one of our own. By working on a lease agreement, we can ensure that you receive a steady stream of income for your site and we have a solid incentive to ensure your farm is as productive and as profitable as possible.

We have a rich heritage in farming and strong links with key contacts throughout the UK. This means that we can hit the ground running from day one and ensure your farm is compliant, safe and environmentally friendly.

About E.C. Drummond

As part of the E.C. Drummond group, we benefit from the wealth of experience and expertise within the company. The Drummond family has been farming in Herefordshire since 1956 and to the organisation is family-owned and operated to this day.


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