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Complete your sheds with window blinds and winch systems.

Take control of the light in your broiler houses and other agricultural buildings using our window blinds and winch systems. Window blinds help to protect your flock from the elements by keeping them out of direct sunlight and maintaining internal temperatures.

Upgrading your window blinds and winch systems can help to reduce costs and improve flock health. Both components are crafted from durable and lasting materials. While the window blinds are designed for their insulating and waterproofing qualities, the winch systems are designed to resist rust.

Why upgrade your window blinds and winch systems?

Window blinds and winch systems can help you to take control of the interior climate. You can easily adjust the light and maintain a consistent temperature by simply raising or lowering the blinds. The winch system makes it easy for a farm hand to raise and lower them by hand. Coverhill is part of the E.C. Drummond Agricultural Group, so we have experience installing and maintaining window blinds and winch systems on our own sites. Whether you are a large-scale organisation with multiple sites or a small holding operating a single shed, we can help create a bespoke solution just for you.

Why upgrade your window blinds and winch systems
legal requirements

Legal requirements

There is no legal requirement for window blinds and winches, but there are numerous benefits to installing blinds. Windows are a requirement for compliance with the Red Tractor Farm Standards and window blinds are a natural addition to your broiler houses.

Without window blinds, birds can be left exposed to direct sunlight and it can also be difficult to maintain a steady temperature. Window blinds can help to keep your sheds cool during the day and warm at night. There is also a huge benefit to making the most of natural light during the day in order to cut the costs of artificial lighting.

Installation process

As part of the E.C. Drummond Agricultural Group, our team are highly experienced in agricultural protocols. We understand the dangers of cross contamination and take every precaution to ensure biosecurity protocols are observed. We’re farmers first, so we appreciate the importance of delivering projects on time and on budget. We aim to complete all work at turnaround to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum.

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