Agricultural LED Lighting

LED Lighting For Agriculture

Energy-efficient LED lighting is one of the best ways to cut your day-to-day running costs. This low-energy lighting can also help to improve flock health and wellbeing. Trust Coverhill to provide a bespoke agricultural LED lighting installation service. We draw on our years of experience in the poultry farming industry. As part of the E.C. Drummond Agriculture Group, we are directly responsible for the maintenance of our own farms while also working for some of the biggest names in the business to help improve their facilities.

We’re farmers first, so we know the best ways to make the most of LED lighting installation. We provide unparalleled pre and post-installation service, so you can be confident that you are making the most of your LED lighting.


Why choose LED lighting?

It’s well documented that avian species respond well when the photoperiod is regulated. Providing the right levels of light can increase hormone production and growth, leading to a healthier flock and increased profitability. Agricultural LED lighting allows you to take control of your poultry shed environment. Lighting should be considered just as important as other environmental factors, including ventilation and temperature.

Close up on LED lighting bulbs.
View of large poultry shed with a number of white chickens in.

Legal requirements

Light levels have a significant impact on avian species. According to the Poultry Welfare Recommendations, poultry should have sufficient light to see and be seen, observe their surroundings and engage in normal levels of activity. LED lighting is one of the best and most efficient ways to ensure this. LED lights produce white light by combining blue light with red and green phosphors. This is the closest approximation to sunlight possible and allows flocks to grow and thrive naturally.

Installation process

If you choose to upgrade your lighting to modern LED lighting, we aim to complete all work at turnaround. This means that the upgrade work can take place while your houses are empty, meaning you won’t need to disrupt day-to-day operations. Our team of electricians are highly-skilled in their craft and also adhere to strict health and safety procedures. With experience in the poultry sector, they also follow biosecurity guidelines to prevent cross-contamination.


Person wearing a cap installing an LED light on the ceiling.


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