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Like humans, animals and birds prefer fresh food and water. Investing in high quality feeders and drinkers not only improves animal welfare conditions but it can also help to contribute to higher profitability of your flock. Throughout the lifecycle of the bird, precise food and water delivery is essential for growth and development.

High quality feeders and drinkers for the poultry sector can help to transform any size shed, from a small holding to a large scale poultry farm. Our feeders and drinkers are crafted from hard wearing and easy to maintain materials, so you can be sure your investment will last a long time.


Why upgrade your feeders and drinkers?

Upgrading your feeders and drinkers with Coverhill can help to cut costs and increase efficiency. Our feeders and drinkers are easy to maintain and provide the ideal nutrients and water flow at every stage of the birds life. They are easy to maintain and can be easily cleaned between batches.

Brown chickens drinking out of a yellow drinker.
Person cupping chicken feed in both of their hands.

Legal requirements

There are lengthy welfare guidelines regarding how much and how often poultry should be fed and how often freshwater should be provided. Installing modern feeders and drinkers can help farmers to adhere to these guidelines and increase flock welfare. In order to successfully raise chicks, adequate food and drink provisions are essential. The provisions should also be appropriate to the age of the flock, and updating your feeders and drinkers can help to make this process easier.

Installation process

When you choose to upgrade your feeders and drinkers with Coverhill, you can rest assured we will bring a wealth of experience to every installation. Our team are highly knowledgeable about the poultry sector having worked on broiler house maintenance for our parent company, E.C. Drummond.

This wealth of experience ensures that our team can advise on the best feeders and drinkers for your needs and provide excellent pre and post-installation support. Our team are also well versed in biosecurity protocol and are fully aware of the risks of cross-contamination. In all cases, our team will strive to deliver on time and on budget, minimising day-to-day disruption and ensuring all work is completed at turnaround where possible.


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